We all need an Education…right?

Yes because without the education how can we succeed at anything?  

If we didn’t get educated we would not be able to read or write or even understand anything. So from a young age we are constantly learning and hopefully by the time we reach an age where we go out to earn an income we will have various levels of education that will stand you in good stead for your future.

Where do we get the Education?

We all need to understand what education we need especially when we no longer have the benefit of the school and college education system. As we progress through our ever changing lives we realise that we need more education throughout our adulthood. Once we know what we need to learn we need to find where to get that information.

When I was young, the internet did not exist so it would be through reading books from the library or people with more knowledge than I possessed.

Now we have unlimited resources at our finger tips.

How do we succeed on the internet?

To succeed on the internet we need to understand how it all works. For me affiliate marketing education does exist and the only way to be successful is to get educated in that area with the right teachers. Remember, “People learn from People”

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an inexpensive method to earn commissions from someone else’s product. You become an affiliate for them and promote their services or product through you own website or marketing, and when your visitor buys from them, you get paid a % commission. Sounds easy enough but if you dont know what you are doing because of lack of knowledge (ie education) you will fall flat on your face.

Where do you get the right education

For me, there is only one place on the entire internet where you can learn how to create a successful online business where you will definitely not get scammed into parting with any hard earned cash. Where you get every possible areas of information and training for absolutely NO COST. You will learn every area of setting up a business online, how to promote it, how to get a domain and have it hosted, how to do search engine optimisation (SEO) how to choose the right keywords, how to create stunning websites, how to monetise your site, plus much much more…ALL FOR FREE.

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Do you believe its FREE?

Yes all of that and more IS free. I was sceptical when I started out but I did join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE. I filled out my personal details like name and email and at no time was I asked for any payment or credit card details. Once it was confirmed that I was now a free member, I had access to the most amazing amount of information, I could create 2 free websites with hosting included absolutely free and also have access to the 1000’s of other members who were part of this unbelievable program, where I could ask them anything and they would respond in literally minutes with an answer, even the founders Kyle and Carson would respond to you.

Now the free access to everything is for 7 days so you can try and test what they teach you and after 7 days you will have the option to upgrade to a premium membership for $49 per month (or pay annually and get a sizeable discount) but you will get the first month reduced for $19. If you decide not to upgrade you will still have access to most of the features but believe me, you will want to upgrade.

Do you still need education

I would say everyone, no matter what level you are at, needs constant education. Don’t just believe me, go and check it out for yourself and please feel free to leave me a comment below.