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Our aim is to help educate people so that they are not scammed or misinformed when looking for the real deal to start an online business.

Making money online seems like a really easy thing to do. lets face it, we are bombarded with money making opportunities every day, from trading options to bitcoin Crypto Currency programs to online surveys…well you get the drift. Oh almost forgot, telephone calls asking about the accidents we never had.

If you are like me, I find it all so intrusive and annoying. As soon as you manage to block all of those intrusive calls and emails, they find another way of getting to you with their so called rags-to-riches claims. ALL LIES!!

Well nearly all…..

What works?

Impossible to answer but we know that there are billions of internet users in the world and some of them are looking for ways to earn extra income. What works is basically up to you but how do you find genuine people to help guide you through what works and what doesn’t’t.


Firstly, you need to find someone you trust but I don’t mean family, because that is usually a given. I mean people who claim to help you make money online. There are 100,000’s or even millions of those out there on the world wide web. They all claim to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams…..


Having said that, there ARE some people and programs out there that are genuine and not scam artists, but how do you find them, you may ask?

Cost of Money Making Claims

For me, a genuine person is someone who does not get you to part with your hard-earned cash before they reveal the idea or program. Someone who allows you full access to see what its all about before you pay anything and does not hassle you with time limited options or annoying up sells. Those people are worth looking at further.

Online Business Education

Treat your online presence like a business…NO….. it is a business! So do your due diligence to see if what they are offering is true and not a scam. You need a plan. One that you will be committed to so you don’t cut corners. Check things out and if it sounds good, give it a go as long as you don’t initially pay. Don’t procrastinate because life passes you by very quickly. Get educated on how to achieve success in your chosen niche. Education is the key to any business because you need to know what, how and when to do something. But remember, you don’t have to spend money to get educated.


My conclusion is take it slowly, because whatever you do will not happen overnight. It can take months or even years, but you do need to start somewhere.

Now you may be thinking, what is this guy going to try to sell to me? Well the answer is nothing! What I can do, is point you in the right direction to decide what you need to do to be a successful online entrepreneur.

Remember I said EDUCATION is the key, so that’s what I am going to do for you, NO fancy special gifts, NO e-books and best of all NO MONEY

I want you to check out a program called Wealth Affiliate (WA). It has all the education you could possible want or need to start an online business and has a massive community, ready and willing to help you succeed…..ALL FOR FREE

You can trial it for 7 days with full access to see if it is right for you and it will not cost you a penny to register.


So please don’t procrastinate, go and check it out for FREE and then come back to me and let me know what you think.

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 Thank you and good luck

Paul Squires

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